Dennis Bialek – Glass and China

Dennis Bialek – Glass and China

Dennis Bialek handles primarily Depression era glass and china. His massive display or colorful glass is considered a main attraction to glass lovers who visit the Brimfield Antiques Center.  His selection of glass includes Elegant glass, Depression glass, Blenko glass, crackle glass, plus miscellaneous china and other varieties of glass.

A seasoned glass dealer, Dennis exhibits at a number of National Glass Shows throughout the country. His favorite to collect is Cambridge glass and his advice is to buy what you like.  Dennis is often available to meet with customers during the Brimfield Show weeks in May, July & September.

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  1. I am looking for two rather large crackle glass vases believed to be made by Blenko. They are pictured in Blenko’s 1956 catalog as 428L and 428S. I am looking for pink/rose/cranberry color with clear glass base.

  2. Do you purchase Rosenthal China. I inherited the following and also have images of all the pieces. I am live in Western MA.

    Rosenthal Porcelain Dinner Service in the Winifred Pattern

    Manufacturer: Rosenthal Selb-Germany
    Pattern: WINIFED, ivory with gold trim
    Form Hallmark it appears to have been made around 1936. My parents purchased it in Germany between 1946 and 1951.

    84 Pieces:
    • One soup tureen with a top, diameter of tureen is 9.5”
    • Two vegetable dishes with covers, each measuring 8.5” in diameter
    • One Sugar bowl with lid…4.5” tall
    • One creamer…4.5” tall
    • Two gravy boats, one has a small chip on the saucer (see photo)
    • One coffee pot and lid…9.5” tall x 10.5” wide from the spout to the tip of the handle
    • One tea pot and lid
    • Two serving bowls, diameter of each is 10.25” and 9.25”
    • One 11,5” platter
    • One 15.5” platter
    • Eleven soup plates, diameter is 9.75”…one missing
    • Twelve dinner plates, diameter is 9.75”
    • Twelve saucers
    • Twelve coffee cups
    • Twelve bread plates, diameter is 7.75”
    • Twelve desert plates, diameter is 7.75”


    • Excellent
    • One soup plate missing
    • One small chip on one of the two gravy boat’s saucer
    • Gold intact and beautiful with the exception of a small blemish on the handle of one of the covered serving bowls, but gold is not gone.
    Rosenthal AG was founded in1879 and by 1929 the company became worldwide famous with its manufacturing facilities in Germany and international sale subsidiaries.

    In 1950 the son of the founder, Phillip Rosenthal joined the Company: under his management Rosenthal became a pioneering company in design and art.

    Since August 2009 Rosenthal is part of the Sambonet Paderno Group.

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